Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Whale Watching with Cape Ann Whale Watch

It has been a while! WhaleFest 2015 was over 3 months ago! Doesn't time fly!

For our little Morgan time has been flying the company of whales, those working to protect them and those who are loving watching them (in a responsible way of course!). Morgan was now back out in the USA with WCA Partner Patti Sullivan and Paul DiGangi, and as we moved into Spring and then Summer, what better to do then get out on a whale watch! (To be honest regardless of the season or weather, for Morgan the best thing to do is always be out on the open ocean with her family!).

So Morgan, Patti and Paul headed out with Cape Ann Whale Watch off Gloucester, Massachusetts in search of whales. 

Morgan and Paul with the wonderful crew and some huge baleen!

Onboard the Hurricane II Morgan met loads of excited passengers, and Cynde Bierman McInnis who not only runs the comprehensive educational programme that is integrated into all Cape Ann Whale Watch trips but also is the Chair of the Responsible Whale Watching Working Group of the WCA and is taking the lead on the new joint educational initiative called the Net Effect Campaign. Through this WCAs responsible whale watching partners aim to talk to passengers about the issues of bycatch and ghost gear which continues to trap, injure and kill all kinds of marine wildlife including whales and dolphins once it is lost or discarded. 

Morgan, Paul and the fab Cynde

It was quite a trip and a brilliant day, with kids and adults alike getting fantastic encounters with majestic humpback whales, the full educational experience of whale watching with Cape Ann Whale Watch as well as learning the story of one young Orca kept away from her family and her rightful place in the beautiful open ocean.

One of many encounters that day with a humpback whale!

Enjoying time with Leandra, Layla and Andrew 
Read more about the Responsible Whale Watching Working Groups's Net Effect education initiative at the WCA website.

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