About Morgan

Hello and welcome to Follow Free Morgan!

Follow the adventures of a free little Orca or killer whale who loves to travel the world meeting friends in the amazing world of whales and dolphins.

Our Morgan is named after the young killer whale Morgan who was taken into captivity from the coast of the Netherlands. She was alone and hungry, and so captured under a Release and Rehabilitation Permit. That means they were supposed to take her in, make her better, and then release her back into the wild. Unfortunately Morgan was never released, she is now imprisoned, forced to perform in Loro Parque, Teneriefe where she is bullied by the other killer whales, where she is so bored she wears her teeth down on the edge of the tank, and where she is hundreds of miles from her family in Norway.

The Free Morgan Foundation continues to work in order to free Morgan....

Meanwhile our Morgan aims to travel the world highlighting the work that is done to protect and conserve wild whales and dolphins, to educate and inspire people about these amazing creatures and to spread the word of the World Cetacean Alliance. The World Cetacean Alliance is a new global partnership of charities, businesses, whale watching companies and individuals, all working together to protect whales and dolphins.

In doing all of this we hope to raise awareness of Morgan's plight....

Click on the logos to find out more about the World Cetacean Alliance and the Free Morgan Foundation.

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