Thursday, 27 November 2014

Matylda and Morgan

There once was a little girl called Matylda who went on a wonderful adventure to Panama with her mum, dad, little sister Edith, and a very special little Orca called Morgan. Nestled in central America with the Caribbean Sea on one side and the vast Pacific Ocean on the other, Panama is home to wild tropical jungle, golden sandy beaches and blue turquoise water filled with coral reefs, colourful fishes and a multitude of marine creatures including whales and dolphins. Morgan was honoured to join this family on their adventure, and while she cannot speak ‘human’ Matylda has spoken for Morgan by writing down her adventures with this little whale in this special place.

Morgan's Holiday Book By Matylda

Matylda, her family and Morgan headed to Contadora Island, set off the southern, Pacific coast of Panama and here they headed out in search of humpback whales and dolphins. In Matylda’s words "Morgan has had a brilliant time with us. Morgan came on a boat trip with us and another family. We saw Humpback Whales. Morgan went on a catamaran and we saw Spotted Dolphins but Edith was asleep. We were on a net (the cat had a net to sit on the bow). We had a brilliant time!"

Matylda's drawing of her family and Morgan onboard a catamaran whale watching!

Did you know that Panama is the only place in the whole world where Humpback Whales from both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere come to breed!? The dolphins that Morgan and Matylda saw were Pantropical Spotted Dolphins, the species most commonly encountered in the waters off Panama. They are curious and very interactive, often swimming for hours and playing around the boats.

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin (not from Panama but the same species!)

Morgan and Matylda went whale watching with World Cetacean Alliance Partner, Whale Watching Panama. Click here to find out more about their trips and the magical place of Panama! 

Finally it is just left to us to say 'Thank You' to Matylda for taking our Morgan on this adventure, for speaking for her and telling us all about your adventure together.

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