Saturday, 17 May 2014

Back to School

Conservation, it’s not just about collecting data, publishing results, changing policies, providing protection (although these are really important). An absolutely fundamental part of any conservation success is education. Getting the word out about different species, the threats they and their habitat face and what can be done to help. Central to this is teaching and inspiring the next generation, our kids. Getting them passionate about the environment; they are the future decision makers and those decisions we make now will affect them more than anyone. How sad would it be if our children and our children’s children only ever see Maui’s dolphins in picture books? Only ever learn about the amazing blue whale, the biggest animal to ever live on our planet,  from books or more likely some future version of the internet….? How sad if they look back and wonder why we missed such an opportunity to end the policy of keeping such amazing, sentient beings as whales and dolphins in cramped bathtubs….How devastating that if as adults they say ‘I wish I’d known….?

Many of the WCA partners, charities, businesses and individuals alike are dedicated to educating and inspiring people about whales and dolphins. In essence that is what Follow Free Morgan is all about. Only last week our little Morgan was out on a boat collecting data and learning all about the amazing marine wildlife off the Cornish coast.

Educating passengers

WhaleFest is another perfect example of getting people, and especially kids, inspired about whales and dolphins. And it works. Jasmine and Cameron, just two of the thousands of kids that came to WhaleFest in March and were inspired. Returning home, and back to school, the pair couldn’t keep quiet about all they had seen and done, especially about Morgan’s story, bending friends, classmates and teachers ears on a daily basis. When their Granddad Malcolm (a WCA Partner) told them about Follow Free Morgan, they wanted to get involved. So on the return from Cornwall, our little Morgan stopped in on Jasmine and Cameron’s school in Bradford Upon Avon. Here, proud as punch, both kids showed Morgan off to their classes, doing a show and tell, and telling everyone all over again about WhaleFest and the story of Morgan….

Cameron, Jasmine and Morgan
If you have a question for Morgan, or would like to take her on an adventure why not leave a message on her Contact Page?

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